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    Built for Business

    The SoMo 655 is a durable, high performance mobile computer that enables businesses to increase productivity of mobile workers, improve visibility in the field, and automate manual processes anywhere.

    Major Features/Benefits include:

    • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi provides seamless roaming and constant connectivity
    • Best in class 4GB memory capacity provides new deployment options and flexibilities.
    • Ready to deploy with Socket barcode scanners or other peripherals – end-to-end hardware/software solution.
    • MicroSD and CompactFlash (CF) expansion slots to support peripherals specific to your business
    • Large touch screen for easy data entry
    • Flexible battery and cradle options that meet the demanding needs of your day today work environment
    • Programmable side and face buttons and navigation keys for business-specific functions
    • Operating System: Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 (formerly Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic) provides an industry standard/stable development platform
    • Lightweight yet durable construction with optional DuraCase for added durability for demanding environments
    • SoMo 655 Bulk Deployment Guide
    360 deg view   Videos

    Which SoMo 655 is right for you?

    SoMo 655 Standard
    Ideal for a wide range of applications that require wireless connections.

    SoMo 655Rx
    Best suited for hygiene-sensitive environments such as healthcare or hospitality.

    SoMo 655DXS
    Best suited for hi-security environments where a radio is not permitted or required.

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